Privacy Policy


The Greek Tourism Organization («GTO») through the operation of Visit Greece application («app»), offers its services under the below terms, that guests & users should read carefully and proceed with visiting /using the app, only if they thoroughly accept them. Use of the application entail the acceptance of the below terms.

Guests/users have the responsibility of accessing the services of the app and possibly being charged by third parties (ie. internet services providers, usage of internet etc). Moreover, they are solely responsible for their personal equipment with the adequate technological means that allow them accessing its services.

1. Object

This document describes how we use and process your personal data when you register onto the app and use its services. By using the app or any other characteristic or content offered by the GTO in relation to its software or its apps, means that you accept its practices and policies described in the present Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the policies and practices, hereby described, it is recommended not to proceed with visiting the app nor register or use the app. The GTO has the right to change and update the present Privacy Policy whenever it is considered necessary. Continuing to use the app after such amendments take place is considered as acceptance of the amendments.

This document does not apply to third parties’ applications or for data that you provide or that are collected by third parties. Those parties most probably have their own Privacy Policy, which we strongly recommend you read thoroughly before sharing any data with or through them.

2. What kind of Personal Data Visit Greece application collects?

A.Profile Creation

When registering and creating your profile, the GTOcollects & processes the following personal data shared by you:

§ First Name,

§ Last Name,

§ E-mail address,

§ Password,

§ Information that are announced by the user by adding social media. If the user is connected to the app through social media (Facebook, Google) and gives to GTO his/her consent for access to the specific pages, the GTO collects personal data to which the GTO may have access, according to privacy settings that the user has set or the Privacy Policy of the specific social media page. However, adding social media and similar technologies are controlled from the social media themselves under their terms & conditions and Privacy Policies.

When you use the geolocation and navigation services, so that you can be informed by the app of the location & the elements of the companies mentioned in the App, the processing of data is executed by GPS from Google Maps App and SDK Warply tool.

We inform you that the processing is executed by the GTO through GPS using the SDK Warply tool and in relation to your personal data for the services of geolocation and navigation it is executed by Google through the Google Maps app. For the of functionality of geolocation on your device, your consent is requested. For more information on how Google Maps uses your data, we recommend to consult the Privacy Policy of the specific app by visiting the following website: .

B.Informational Material

In the context of showing informational material for the GTO or other companies within the app, and only if the user has given his/her consent for the specific processing, the GTO uses the email address of the user, provided by him/her. The consent may be recalled by the user at any time, through the settings of the app.

3. Data that we collect automatically

Every time that the user interacts with the app’s services, data may be automatically received and recorded on to the server’s recording files, from the user’s device platform, such as:

a) Use data, meaning data related to the access and the use of services, interactions with emails, push notifications, and text messages that you may receive by the GTO, including traffic data, recording files and other communication data.

b) Data for device recognition and software characteristics, meaning information about your mobile device and the internet connection, among which the unique device identifier, the IP address, the operation system, the type of navigation system, information on the mobile phone net and the phone number of the device.

c) If the users have given their consent, the GTO collects location data meaning real time information about the location of the device, either through the App using the SDK Warply Engage tool or through the Google Maps app. The location of the user is detected based on the location of the internet connection or the wifi access points within its range as well as by using the Global Positioning System – GPS.

d) If users have given the relative consent, stored data and files meaning metadata and other data related to other files that are stored on users devices. Such as photos video & sound files and information related to their contacts and their address book.

3. Why we are processing your personal data

We are processing your personal data for specific reasons, which are the following:

§ Improve the services we are offering to you.

§ Give you directions on how to get to the place you want.

§ Communicate our offered services to you through any of your communication channels.

§ Show the companies mentioned in the App and send informational communication.

§ To create your profile, as long as we receive your approval, we take into consideration the data you provide us and the elements that we collect when you use our services, in order to send you informational messages, related to your preferences and your profile and to customize our services based on your personal needs.

4. Legal base of processing your personal data

The GTO legally processes your personal data, and for every process, there is at least one of the following legal bases:

a) The processing is necessary for GTO to fulfill its contractual obligations

GTO shall be able to process data if “the processing is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract of which the person of the data is the other party. For example, such a case is the processing of personal data required to allow the user to use the app (ie. first name, last name, e-mail, password).

We inform you that in case you decide not to allow to us to process the above data which are necessary to conclude and execute one of the above agreements, their conclusion and execution will not be possible.

b) The GTO has previously received your consent to process your personal data for one or more of the specific reasons mentioned below. In this case you may freely recall your consent at any time. The recall of your consent does not in any case affect the legibility of processing that was based on your previous consent before the recall.

Examples of processing that are based on your consent is the detection of your location, in order to inform you about nearby companies, the access to your profile in social media and the communication of informational material to users based on their profile.

c) The processing is necessary for the fulfilment of legal interests of GTO unless it if against those interests prevails the interest or the basic rights and your freedoms, that demand the protection of your personal data. Indicative examples of processing that the GTO uses in terms of its legal interests, are the following:

· Calculating the size of audience and use prototypes, in the intend to customize services on users’ profile

§ The amelioration of services offered and the personalization of user’s experience. Η βελτίωση των παρεχόμενων υπηρεσιών και η παροχή καλύτερης και πιο εξατομικευμένης εμπειρίας του χρήστη.

§ The identification of users and the amelioration of their searches.

5. For how long we keep your data

The GTO keeps your data that are exclusively related to your account for as long s it remains active. When you delete your account, your data is also deleted.

6. Who has access to your data and to whom they are transmitted

The GTO in no case shares, takes advantage or transmits your personal data to third parties other than the ones mentioned in the present Privacy Policy. Prior to reveal any information to a third party the GTO will ensure that the recipient is committed to strict security measures and is confidentiality compliant.

In the context of our activities, and the σκοπούς mentioned in the present Privacy Policy, access to your data is given only to properly authorized personnel. Moreover, the GTO notifies user’s personal data in way that allows their personal identification in the following cases:

§ To connected companies not controlled by the GTO: in some cases, companies which are connected eith the GTO may sell their products or services to users through the App. The user can identify thee cases where a connected company is related to such a transaction. In such a cease the GTO will share the user’s personal data with the respective connected company only to the degree that is necessary for the execution of the specific transaction.

§ To our partner that offers the geolocation and navigation services, through the Google Maps App. You may be informed of the App’s Privacy Policy by visiting the following url: .

§ If the users have given their consent, the GTO collects location data, meaning real time information about the location of the device, through the app Google Maps. The location of the user is detected based on the location of the internet connection or the wifi access points within its range.

§ To third parties’ programmers with the use of Application Programming Interface (“API”) , as for example to Google Maps. The use of third parties’ applications that have been developed with API are subject to the terms of use and the privacy policy of those third parties. When the user uses the app, some third parties may use technologies of automated data collection to collect information related to the user or his/her device. Third parties may use technologies of watching to collect information related to the users, every time they use the services of the app. Collected information may relate to their personal data or to the activities of users within the app (including personal data). Third parties may use that information to offer content based on interests (attitude) or other targeted content. The GTO does not control those watching technologies or the way they may be used.

In general, your personal data are not transmitted to Countries outside the European Union. If, however such a case arises, we will ensure the transmitting of data based on this Privacy Notice and the valid laws of data protection.

7. Security

The GTO takes all necessary security measures to ensure that your data are fully protected and avoid any by mistake, loss, use or non-approved access to the personal data and restrict the access to personal data only to persons who really need it, for completing their obligations.

The persons who process the personal data για λογαριασμό of GTO act in accordance to the εξουσιοδότηση given by GTO and commit as for the εμπιστευτικότητα of their acts. The GTO has established procedures to deal with any violation of data security that may occur so to be compliant with its legal obligations in case of data security violation.

8. Your rights

You have a series of rights as per your personal data managed by the GTO, and more specifically:

a) The right to access, correction and deletion

You may request at any time to be informed about your personal data kept by the GTO and ask for change, correction, update or deletion of this information. We may require some extra information in order to proceed your request. However, since we offer you access to the data, we keep for you, your request will be proceeded without any cost as long as it’s unbearable or abusive. If you apply for more than one copies, we may charge you with a reasonable administration cost. Since we have the legal right to refuse your request, we will inform you on the specific reasons of refusal.

In some cases, especially for data that you enter by yourselves on to the app, we offer you the possibility to also change them by yourselves through the app. Moreover, as far as the deletion of your data is concerned, you may delete either part or all of your data, through the app, individually or by deleting your account.

b) The right to objection

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, especially when this processing is executed in terms of the legal interest of the GTO. If the processing is executed to serve the GTO’s legal interests, the GTO must accept your objection and cease the specific processing, unless if the GTO can prove serious and legal reasons for the processing, that prevail our interests, rights and freedoms, or if the specific processing is executed for the foundation, exercise or support of legal claims of the GTO. In case of objection to processing related to granting services to you by the GTO and following to that cease of that processing may result to GTO’s inability to offer in total those services.

c) The right to restricted processing

In some cases, you have the right to restrict or cancel further use of your data. This actually means that we can save your data but we cannot further process them, unless the processing is based on your consent or necessary for the foundation, exercise or support of legal claims of the GTO or the protection of rights of another person, or for public interest reasons.

d) The right to data transfer

You have the right to transfer your personal data to other processors. To serve this right, we provide you your data in a structured file, commonly used and recognized by several devices. Moreover, we can send you your personal data directly to your account. The right to data transfer is valid for (i) data that are processed automatically (without human intervention), (ii) personal data given by you (iii) personal data that we process based on your consent or if the processing is due to a legal base.

e) Automated personal decision making, profile creation included

You have the right not to be subject to decisions taken exclusively based on automated processing (profile creation included), that produced legal results that affect you in a similar way. The GTO does not proceed to automated decision making, but only after receiving the users’ consent. Then creates their profile taking into consideration the data that the user provides and the elements that arise from using the services of the app to send you communication context related to their preferences and the user’s profile and to adapt its services to the user’s personal needs. The creation of profile to the above intent does not produce legal interests that concern you or strongly affect you in a similar way.

f) The right of submitting a complaint to the Authority in charge

You have the right to submit a complaint to the Authority in charge, which for Greece is the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, using one of the following channels:

Or by presenting yourself at the offices of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, Kifissias 1-3, 1st floor (Protocol dpt), between 09:00-13:00.

Do you have any questions; Please contact us

Should you have any question regarding this Notice, please contact us either through the App’s Contact Us form or by sending us an email to the following address: